Mission Statement


     The Night/Light Fund is a community service organization that provides assistance to the creative arts community throughout the United States.

     Our goal is to provide small cash grants for emergency relief to artists, authors, architects, choreographers, composers, photographers, playwrights, poets and other members of the American creative arts community. The grants are for the purpose of providing food, shelter, medical care and sustaining and enhancing the quality of life.

     Our community service mission is to raise funds and to promptly distribute them to those members of the creative arts community who are in need of emergency relief. Our commitment is to ensure that in their moment of need and vulnerability that creative people will be treated with respect and dignity.

     As part of our organizational operation we seek to provide students with an educational and experiential opportunity to obtain an understanding of the challenges of the creative arts community as a whole and the specific challenges encountered by each discipline. Our internship program seeks to create a functioning model for students with various career goals, such as, nursing, business, and information management to work together and thus allow them to develop a sense of community, responsibility, efficacy and citizenship.

     Officer and advisory board membership to The Night/Light Fund are unpaid positions.




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